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About AnswerQwik:

AnswerQwik is the leading hassle free audience response system.  By using cloud technologies with audience smartphones and tablets our innovative solution removes the need for expensive clickers or software.  AnswerQwik delivers easy to use, cost effective live audience polling that has been proven to raise audience engagement and interactivity. This unique solution enables speakers to be more highly rated by audiences, conference organizers to increase participant satisfaction and marketers to obtain higher post-event engagement. AnswerQwik is an Apptimality company.

Our Goal:

To help you engage your audience, transforming them from passive listeners into active participants! We want you to stand-out and succeed in all your endeavors!

Our Values:

  • We believe that we're on this planet for a short time, and that while we're here, if we're lucky, we should do what we love to do.
  • For us, that means imagining and creating useful technology capabilities that help our customers be more successful.
  • We believe in treating our customers as we would like to be treated; with courtesy, respect, and responsive, white-glove service.
  • We couldn't do this work without our many business partners, and we believe in building trusting, collaborative, and mutually rewarding relationships with our business partners for the long haul. We believe in Win-Win relationships!

Our Team:

AnswerQwik is a creation of Apptimality, Inc.

Apptimality is focused on delivering high value, high quality, innovative cloud-based services for individuals and businesses. AnswerQwik is the first of many great products Apptimality will offer!

Thank you for your interest in AnswerQwik and Apptimality, Inc.!

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