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The way audiences want to engage has changed. Whether you are a speaker, lecturer, panelist or conference organizer, the demands and expectations from those who are listening are high and getting increasingly more sophisticated.

The mobile technology revolution coupled with the rise of cloud-based computing now provide the platform for a revolution in the live audience experience. Don't get left behind, use interactive polling and questions to raise the engagement levels of your audience.

The AnswerQwik Audience Response System is stone simple to use and extremely cost effective. It delivers the impact and results that all stakeholders are looking for at live events. Speakers can appear innovative and the masters of state-of-the-art audience engagement, raising the delivery bar on even the toughest topic using this highly engaging interactive system. Lecturers can engage students like never before, using data and drawing students into a new level of educational experience. Conference organizers can increase engagement, drive repeat business and differentiate their events using a proven, scalable solution that can raise revenues with limited impact on conference margins.

For a marketer who is looking to increase the ROI of an event, the tool can be an invaluable asset. For example, at a large event where you have invested significant resources to deliver an impressive keynote experience, AnswerQwik enables pre- and post-event engagement strategies. It can help you understand who exactly is in the room by gathering email addresses in return for sharing polling results reports. Marketers can then drive post-event strategic follow up to deliver the return on the event and boost conversion rates.

AnswerQwik provides a platform for interactive panel experiences. This includes real time polling where panelists can react to conversation and quickly post new questions on the fly or get feedback from the audience, bringing panel discussions to a whole new level of impact and audience engagement.

AnswerQwik can be configured to reuse your most popular polls so that you learn each time you engage with audiences of any size. In fact the system is so flexible that you can pilot a poll or interactivity to an individual or a large group with a click of a button. No need for the complicated logistics of the audience clicker systems that require pre-planning to order the right number of clickers, get them shipped, make sure they are not damaged using expensive insurance options and get them returned. Why go to the added risk that something might go wrong at your important live event?

The AnswerQwik Audience Response System is a robust, proven and scalable solution. Used now at hundreds of events across the world, it is reliable and a snap to deploy. There is no cost to try it out and the buying process is as flexible and as simple as you can imagine. Sign up today and give it a go for free. You won't be disappointed, and you will be deploying polls in 10 minutes.

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